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What Is Chiropractic Care?

what is chiropractic care

The human body is an amazing work of art. It blends beauty with functionality. But all the stuff we see and do is only possible because of the underlying architecture, what chiropractors call your biomechanics – the interconnectedness of your muscles, tendons, and nerves. Very often, your body’s structural issues relate to your spinal column, but this is not always the case.

This is why chiropractors are able to work with joint and muscle pain, range of motion issues, migraine headaches, ‘shooting’ pain’ especially in the legs, and other sorts of issues that have their roots in your body’s structure. 

Chiropractors use adjustments and manipulations of your spinal column and your joints to remedy the issues that can cause all kinds of symptoms like those mentioned earlier, including chronic pain, numbness and tingling, fatigue, and even digestive problems in some cases.

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Get a personalized care plan so you can feel better in as few as 3 visits. We use advanced therapy techniques proven to ease pain, accelerate recovery, improve mobility and overall health. Expert Therapists

Expert Therapists

Our award winning team of licensed physiotherapists, chiropractors, registered massage therapists are professionals and experts in human anatomy and biomechanics. You will get the perfect care plan to target the root of your pain so you can get back to doing what you love, everyday! 

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This appointment is your opportunity to tell us what hurts and discover whether physiotherapy or chiropractic care is a good fit for you! During this session, you will talk with a physiotherapist or chiropractor on a phone call (or online) and create the right care plan specifically for your pain. There is no obligation. This session is to find out whether physiotherapy or chiropractic care can help you get back to doing the things you love in life.

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Improve the way your body moves so you can continue to do the things you love. PainHero is Canada’s largest network of physiotherapists, chiropractors, and registered massage therapists. Our mission is to makes it easy for you to find the top clinics in your community. We handpick the top clinics using our 50 point inspection based on patient reviews, complaints, and patient outcomes. 

Whether you’re seeking pain relief or preventative care, you can expect our patient-centric approach to be new and different from any healthcare experience you’ve had before. Perhaps even life-changing.  




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The Ultimate Guide to Chiropractic Care

Non-Surgical Approaches to Nerve, Muscle, and Joint Pain

If you have been struggling with pain for a while and are tired of pills (and their side effects that don’t do anything to address the root causes) then chiropractic care may be the natural, non-surgical, and drug-free approach you should try next.

Chiropractors do much more than work on the back and the spine, which is what many people picture when they consider chiropractic care.

Your life is best lived when you are free from pain, have full range of motion, and are not impaired by other conditions that can find their genesis in your musculoskeletal system and spinal column.

Use this ultimate guide to learn what you need to know about chiropractic care, and then decide on your next steps toward a pain-free, physically unrestricted life. 


What Does a Chiropractor Actually Do?

what does a chiropractor actually do

Chiropractors use natural, non-surgical, drug-free techniques to actually repair nerve damage, blood flow, and alignment issues so your body’s core structural function is made whole again. We don’t just give you medications to hide the problem. We get to the root cause so you can start living your best life again.

Most chiropractic care works like a partnership. The patient comes in, and a treatment plan is developed. Sometimes, the problem can be fixed in a single visit. Sometimes it takes more. In some situations, the chiropractor will give you some tools and exercises you can do at home.  

The phrase we use to describe our main treatment approach is the ‘chiropractic adjustment‘, or ‘manipulation’.


Behind the scenes of a chiropractic appointment courtesy of Axis Healthcare

What Is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is most typically done somewhere on the spinal column and the neck, and sometimes will include joints in the arms and legs. The chiropractor applies a quick and sudden force to the joint to improve the function of the affected parts of your body.

An adjustment can help repair old injuries such as whiplash, and also prevent new ones from occurring

When combined with other treatments like massage, electro-therapies, patient education, and lifestyle coaching, targeted adjustments by a well-trained professional can have a profound impact on your overall health.

Behind the scenes of a chiropractic adjustment courtesy of My Life Rehab

Who Is Chiropractic Care For?

who is chiropractic care for

Just about anyone can seek help from a chiropractor. 


Some chiropractors even treat newborns, because sometimes the birth process can start them off a little out of alignment, and addressing the issue right away can prevent later complications. 

Women in Maternity

On the flip side of that, pregnant and post-partum women can benefit greatly from chiropractic care because of all the ways pregnancy affects their posture, weight distribution, joints, and range of motion. 

Older Adults

It’s not hard to understand that with age comes increased challenges with joint pain and range of motion. Effects from old injuries can show up, even decades later, that you didn’t realize had done permanent damage.

Anyone with Recent Injuries

Car accidents, falls, serious strains and other musculoskeletal injuries can cause damage to many body systems. Some of this damage can be repaired best with chiropractic care. You can’t fix a pinched nerve just with pain meds. You’ve got to ‘un-pinch’ it!

Workers of all Sorts

Whether you work in a physically demanding job like construction or contracting, or you sit all day in a chair, your posture and your back are taking a beating. Chiropractic care can help you prolong your healthy functions and let you keep doing your job and being ‘all there’ for your family.

The reality is, anyone is potentially a good candidate for chiropractic care.

That’s probably why over 62 million people just in the United States have seen a chiropractor since 2011, according to US News and World Report.

What’s the Difference Between Chiropractic Care and Physiotherapy?

While there is some overlap between these disciplines and some people even see both professionals as the same time, they differ in a few significant ways. 

Chiropractors work mostly with the spinal column and the nervous system, which often lie at the root of joint, muscle, and other pain and range of motion problems. Physiotherapists will generally target specific areas of the body, focusing on the muscles and tendons in that area.

Another difference is in how they treat you.

Chiropractors use spinal adjustments and manipulations to help improve blood flow, restore nerve function, and revive the body’s proper function by getting it back in alignment. A physiotherapist will rely more on exercises and ongoing soft-tissue work that often gets done in partnership with the physiotherapist. Think exercise balls and a variety of other in-clinic equipment to target different areas of the body.


Common Conditions Treated by Chiropractors

While chiropractors can help with a variety of conditions, if you are suffering from any of these six conditions and want your normal life back, a chiropractor should be number one on your call list.

1. Neck Pain

Whether you are just waking up and notice immediately that something isn’t right with your neck because you can’t turn it all the way, or if you are still experiencing lingering affects from an accident or an injury, a chiropractor can help.

They will examine your neck muscles and joints and give you an idea of what’s wrong and what they can do to fix it.

Behind the scenes of a chiropractic neck adjustment courtesy of Full Function


2. Whiplash

A serious accident that causes your neck and head to jolt forward can cause long term pain and discomfort. Many chiropractors specialize in helping repair the underlying spinal column damage from whiplash. This sort of treatment, coupled with exercises, can eventually restore your neck muscles to full working order.


3. Headaches and Migraines

It continually surprises people to hear this, but headaches are often caused by out-of-alignment muscles and joints in the neck. These are called cervicogenic headaches. Another kind of headache – tension headaches – result from certain habits that you often do have control of.


Behind the Scenes of a  Chiropractic neck adjustment courtesy of Athlete’s Care

4. Low Back Pain

Low back pain can be caused by isolated events like lifting a heavy object with the wrong technique. It can also be caused by repetitive motion or just simple overwork from a demanding job. And office workers can suffer from low back pain from sitting too long, especially with unhealthy posture.

So, low back pain is everywhere, and this is one of the specialties of chiropractors.


Photo from a Chiropractic appointment courtesy of MVMT Physio and Chiro


5. Jaw Pain

If your jaw hurts or clicks when you open your mouth or chew, you might have a condition called TMJ – temporomandibular joint. Like many joint issues, TMJ is caused by worn down discs and even problems with the joint itself. 

Chiropractors are well-suited to treat TMJ and similar forms of jaw pain.

6. Pregnancy Pain Complications

Especially in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, your changing body can experience a lot of aches and pains in new places, but especially in your low back and pelvis. 

Chiropractic care can help you manage this pain throughout the rest of your pregnancy and after your delivery, and your chiropractor can also teach you some exercises you can do on your own.

Want some practical tips and some of the science behind the chiropractic treatment of the six conditions you’ve just read about in brief?

Is Chiropractic Care Safe?

US News and World Report mentions a couple studies that revealed significant and life-changing benefits from chiropractic care.

One study from Spine Journal looked at 192 patients with back pain or sciatica, leg pain that originates in the spinal column. 87% of the patients reported worthwhile and positive results from their chiropractic care.

Another study from the British Medical Journal looked at 183 patients with neck pain. In this study, patients were randomly assigned to chiropractors, physiotherapists, and care “from a general practitioner” which was, you guessed it, mostly prescription drugs and talking. They also tracked the costs of each treatment for a full year.

The study found that chiropractic manipulations of the spine were more effective and less costly than the other two options. 

What Do Patients Say About Their Chiropractic Care?

Here in Grimsby, Ontario, Waterview has treated over 10,000 patients, many dealing with conditions that can be treated with chiropractic care

One such patient, Denise Cudney, said of Waterview: 

“Great, friendly team of caring professionals! They have helped my back/hip issues a great deal all while keeping it light and positive. So glad to have found them!”

[insert 2-3 additional testimonials]

Common Injuries Successfully Treated With Chiropractic Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Chiropractic care offers a non-surgical and drug free approach to treating and repairing the root causes of your pain. It is not for every situation, but most chiropractors will offer a free or low cost evaluation, and most insurance companies cover it to varying degrees. If you want to live a pain free life with full range of motion, you won’t get it with medications that just mask the problem and bring along a bunch of side-effects. Surgery is costly and carries its own set of risks.

‘Cracking’ doesn’t mean what it sounds like. Your bones are not literally cracking. The sound can come from several possible sources. Fluid in the joints can release gas when joints are stretched. Stretching ligaments and tendons can cause a sound when they snap back into place. Chiropractors crack the neck to help relieve soreness and pressure, realign the joints, and restore range of motion if any is lacking.

Chiropractors will treat a number of conditions, including back pain, headaches and migraines, sciatica, fibromyalgia, jaw pain, joint pain in the arms and legs, numbness, chronic pain, shoulder pain, and other forms of suffering that relate to the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system.


This appointment is your opportunity to tell us what hurts and discover whether physiotherapy or chiropractic care is a good fit for you! During this session, you will talk with a physiotherapist or chiropractor on a phone call (or online) and create the right care plan specifically for your pain. There is no obligation. This session is to find out whether physiotherapy or chiropractic care can help you getting back to doing the things you love in life.