Wrist Braces

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The Complete Guide To Wrist Braces - Your Questions Answered

What does a wrist brace help with?

The goal of a wrist brace is to keep your wrist in a neutral position that limits movement.

This helps reduce pain, inflammation, and stiffness from repetitive strain injuries. Like Tendonitis, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

CTS is mainly caused by pressure on the median nerve and a brace is designed to take the pressure off of that nerve thus helping to relieve the pain.

Read on to hear about more benefits, how to choose the right one for you, and other frequently asked questions.

Check out this great post from Empower Physical Rehab and learn more about what Tendonitis is (Read the caption):

The Ultimate Guide to Wrist Bracing

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The Ultimate Guide to Wrist Bracing

The Benefits of Wearing a Wrist Brace

Protection From Sports Injury

Most think that wrist braces are only for those that hurt their wrist or have pain. But athletics know they can help prevent injury too.

Also, can support your training too especially. if you play a sport where you can accidentally overextend or sprain your wrist.  A good wrist brace can help avoid these injuries.

Stocking and Shipping

If you work in a warehouse you are susceptible to repetitive injuries. You have to pick up and move boxes which can really stress your wrist over time.

Wearing a wrist brace is a great way to prevent repetitive stress injuries caused by moving heavy things. 

Also If you’ve already injured your wrist then a wrist brace can help you get back to work more quickly.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a repetitive stress injury caused for those that use their hands a lot. Like typing on a keyboard.

Anyone who has an occupation that relies on small motion finger movement is at risk of developing this condition. 

This can lead to pain, numbness, and tingling sensation. 

It’s usually caused by pressure on your median nerve. A carpal tunnel wrist brace helps take the pressure off of this median nerve. 

Prevent Further Injury

For many when they injure their wrist they can’t just take off for a week from work. But you don’t want to make the injury worse. That’s where a wrist brace can help limit range of motion by keeping it in the neutral position allowing you to get back to work while minimizing the chances of re-injuring it.

A brace can help keep you from overextending your wrist and serve as a reminder to be more careful.


Is also a repetitive motion injury that is most often caused by overuse of the wrist. Unlike carpal tunnel syndrome, it affects your tendons. It can be caused by computer typing job, stock room, sports, and other activities.

Wrist brace for Tendonitis can reduce pain and help reduce the damage of repetitive motions. 


Arthritis is when you have tenderness or swelling in one or more of your joints.

Leading to pain and stiffness in your joints. It happens because the cartilage in the wrist starts to wear away causing the tiny wrist bones to rub against each other.

This leads to swelling and pain. One of the best ways to relieve the pain of Arthritis is by partially immobilizing your wrist with a brace. This keeps it from moving too much reducing the wear and tear.

Top 3 exercises for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome courtesy of Physiomobility Health Group. (Read the caption)

The Different Types of Wrist Braces

Wrist Sleeves

Wrist sleeves extend from the top of your palm past your wrist.

It’s made from elastic polyester or neoprene.

The whole goal of a wrist sleeve is to provide compression across the joint. This helps reduce swelling and pain while providing your wrist with stability.

Wrist sleeves are mainly used for these conditions

  • Mild to moderate tendinitis
  • Mild arthritis
  • Swelling
  • Nerve issues
  • Mild instability.
  • Recovery

Splint Brace Type

A wrist splint is a hard structured material that prevents you from moving your wrist and provides extra support. It keeps the wrist in a neutral position. A splint is usually worn if you have broken a bone or have severe wrist sprain.

It is mainly used for shorter periods of time.

Common uses:

  • Joint pain in the hands
  • Wrist pain
  • Hand numbness
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Muscle and joint pain

Wrist braces

Whereas a wrist splint is mainly used for shorter periods of time. Wrist braces can be used for a longer time. 

It puts your wrist in a neutral position while allowing you to perform your daily activities. Whereas a splint prevents any movement in the wrist.

Common uses:

  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Sprains
  • Injuries

Check out this great post from Physiomobility Health Group and learn more about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Read the caption):


Find out whether wrist bracing can help you get back to doing the things you love in life. 

What Is The Best Type of Wrist Support?

When looking for a wrist brace here are some general guidelines to consider.

Right support: You want to choose a brace that supports the wrist in the neutral position. 

Material – to prevent odor choose a soft and breathable material that is machine washable. 

Fit and comfort – choose a brace that is adjustable this way you can find the right support and comfort.

Mobility – choose a brace that limits movement by putting your wrist in a neutral position. Also, that lets you continue to perform your daily activities.

Uses – Find one that fits your occupation and activities. For example, if you work at a desk you may want a normal wrist brace. But for sleeping, you may not need as much support so you can opt for a different one.

Great ways to strengthen your wrist, hands & forearms with a flex bar courtesy of Active Recovery Physiotherapy. (Read the caption)


How many hours a day should I wear a wrist brace?

It depends on your symptoms and the activities that you are doing. Also your doctor or physiotherapist’s recommendation.

Generally, you should only wear a wrist brace in the most challenging activities so you don’t become dependent on them. Also so your wrist doesn’t become weak. 

For injuries or tendonitis, you might want to wear it longer until it’s healed.

Common Injuries Successfully Treated with Wrist Braces

How tight should you wear a wrist brace?

It should be tight enough to give you the comfort and support you need. But you don’t want it too tight where it cuts off circulation. 

Also, If the brace interferes with your daily activities then loosen it more.

There you have, the complete guide to wrist braces. If you like to see a wrist specialist so you aren’t dependent on wearing a wrist brace. We have physiotherapists in almost every city in Canada. They can create a customized treatment plan to help you get back to doing the things you use to do without a brace. Just use the search box on this page to find a Physiotherapist near you.

Treatment options for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome courtesy of Active Recovery Physiotherapy. (Read the caption)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, when you sleep you are likely to bend your wrist. A wrist brace can keep your wrist in a neutral straight position.

Yes, it can actually help reduce inflammation.

Wrist braces vary from $10 to $30.


Wrist Bracing is one of several possible methods for relieving pain that do not rely on prescription medications and all the side effects and baggage they come with. Not to mention that most drugs can only mask pain, but rarely address root causes. Find a clinic if you are suffering from muscle tightness, soreness, or pain to improve your quality of life, today.