Tennis Elbow Braces

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Does a Tennis Elbow Brace Even Work?

If you’re looking for the best tennis elbow brace for you then you’re in the right place.

Tennis elbow braces have proven effective at relieving elbow pain.

In fact, in 2016 a study was done where the researchers looked at two different tennis elbow straps that had separated or wedged pads. The researchers found that they were both effective at reducing pain and increasing grip strength. (Source:

Another study in 2019 published in the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery backs this up.

Putting a tennis brace on can give you added protection to your elbow while helping to alleviate elbow pain at the same time. Best of all if it works for you, you’ll feel a difference right away. (Source:

How it works is the elbow brace applies pressure to the muscles of your forearm, reducing the pressure on the injured tendon of the elbow. You can adjust the elbow brace to apply the right amount of pressure for you.

But you have to know which brace is right for you because there are pros and cons to different types. So we did all the research for you to save you time. We’ll tell you about the different types and help you choose the right one for you.

The Ultimate Guide to Shoulder Bracing

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The Ultimate Guide To Tennis Elbow Brace

Can You Wear Tennis Elbow For Other Sports?

Yes. Tennis elbow pain can occur in other sports as well. It can happen with golf, cricket, pickleball, and similar activities. A tennis elbow brace can help in those areas too.

How to Choose the Right Tennis Brace For You

There is no such thing as the perfect tennis elbow brace for everyone. So we’ll give you some specific tips you can use to find the right one for you.

Here are some general guidelines to follow.


If you sweat a lot during tennis or other sports then look for machine washable materials so you can easily clean it and keep it in good condition without much hassle.

The more spandex it has the less limiting it will be on your joint but will offer less support. So you need to find the right balance of support and freedom of movement.

Also, some tennis elbow braces contain latex so if you are allergic to latex then keep that in mind when looking.

The next thing to consider is…


Finding the right fit is essential. If the brace is too tight it will limit your movement but if it’s too loose, it will not support or provide the pain relief you desire.

There are two types of tennis elbow braces. Those with Velcro straps and those with no straps.

The benefit of straps is you can adjust them for the right fit to reduce your pain. The con is they tend to wear out quickly.

Non-Velcro braces are usually a sleeve-type braces where they don’t have any straps, so you can’t adjust the pressure and fit. You typically see athletes wearing this one. When looking for this type of brace you will need to choose a brace that fits the circumference of your forearm while also providing just enough pressure to reduce your pain.

Whether you need a strap or a sleeve depends on your condition. Each has its pros and cons. But if you want the most mobility possible then small strap braces are the answer. They won’t restrict your movement too much and should provide the pain relief you need.

They are also a one size fits all so you can adjust it to the exact pressure you need while providing enough mobility.

Now if you want full elbow support and have severe pain then go for the tennis elbow sleeve. However, it will limit your mobility in your elbow. Since it’s not a one size fits all, you need to make sure you find one that fits the circumference of your forearm.

Elbow Pain courtesy of Aurora Sports Medicine Professionals (Read the caption)


Find out whether tennis elbow bracing can help you get back to doing the things you love in life. 

How To Wear a Tennis Elbow Brace

It’s important that it fits snugly but not too tight. You don’t want it too tight where it causes discoloration, numbness, and tingling in your hand or arm. If this happens loosen it up to find the right tightness that doesn’t cause those issues above.

Step 1: Measure Your Arm

In order to choose the right brace, you need to first measure your arm. All straps have their minimum and maximum range for use.

So take a measuring tape with your opposite hand and wrap it around your arm. When measuring put your arm straight out and measure around your forearm right below your elbow. 

You can also wrap a shoelace around your arm instead and hold where the shoelace overlaps.  Then you would use a measuring stick or tape to measure from the tip of the shoelace to the area where you are holding it.

Completing this will help you determine which size of brace to get.


Step 2: Choose Your Brace

There are a wide range of braces available and if you use the general guidelines above you should have no problem finding the right brace for you. Just make sure it fits snug to your arm for extended periods.

Also, make sure it’s durable so you can get many uses out of it. Looking at customer reviews can help with this.

Step 3: Proper Placement

1.) Slide the tennis elbow brace up your forearm until it’s one inch below your elbow.

2.) Gently palpate to find the tender spot on your forearm

3.) Once you find the painful spot set the pressure pad right on top of it.

4.) Lastly tighten until it’s a snug but comfortable fit. 

To avoid irritation, position the brace away from your elbow’s crease. Also, this helps improve your range of motion while wearing the brace.

Tennis Elbow courtesy of Aurora Sports Medicine Professionals (Read the caption)

How Can I Take Care of My Tennis Elbow?

Tips For Wearing Your Brace

If you’re not getting the relief you want, check to make sure it fits correctly.  If you’re not sure then seek a qualified healthcare provider to help.

If you’re not getting the relief try a different type of design to see if that helps.

Also, test it live.

Once you’ve found the brace you think will work the next step is to put it to the test. Wear it on the court or field while practicing to confirm it works well for you.

Also, try a Compression Sleeve.

Compression Sleeves are similar to tennis elbow braces. Many players who use compression sleeves report good results. Others combine the compression sleeve with the tennis elbow brace enhancing support and comfort. 

So you might consider trying to both at the same time to see if it helps.

There you have it, the ultimate guide to tennis elbow bracing. Now a tennis elbow brace doesn’t fix the issue. If you’d like to identify the root cause of your pain to get you back to doing what you love pain-free without a brace, then use the search box on this page to find a clinic near you.


Guide to Tennis Elbow courtesy of Cornerstone Physiotherapy (Read the caption)

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on your condition. You may need to wear it for up to 6 weeks. If you want added protection when playing a sport then you may only need to wear it during the activity.

How a compression sleeve works is it disperses the force equally on the elbow and forearm to help reduce the pain. It also helps improve blood flow and that’s why you see athletes wearing sleeves on their calves, elbows, and ankles. However, you need to try different braces to find the one that’s right for your condition and goal.

The compression sleeve should be tight enough without restricting movement. This will help drive more blood flow to the area without cutting off circulation.

Yes! Especially if you have poor circulation or pain. It can relieve the pain and improve blood flow to the area.


Tennis elbow bracing is one of several possible methods for relieving pain that do not rely on prescription medications and all the side effects and baggage they come with. Not to mention that most drugs can only mask pain, but rarely address root causes. Find a clinic if you are suffering from muscle tightness, soreness, or pain to improve your quality of life, today.