The Top 4 Back Pain Clinics in Winnipeg Based on Our 50 Point Inspection

The Top 4 Back Pain Clinics in Winnipeg Based on Our 50 Point Inspection

Looking for a back pain treatment Winnipeg? If so, you’ve come to the right place on this page. We’ll reveal the top 4 back pain clinics in Winnipeg based on our 50 point inspection.

But first, how can these  back pain clinic winnipeg help you?

You’ve probably tried pain medications, gels, lotions, creams, and sprays that gave you only temporary relief.

The problem is these treatments do not address the root cause of your back pain. They just offer a temporary pain solution that quickly wears off.

You see these back pain winnipeg clinics below focus on treating the root cause of your pain so the pain can be relieved.

Back pain can be caused by:

Strain: If you have picked up something incorrectly or sudden awkwards movements can strain the muscles in your back.

Structural problems

You see there are interlocking bones that stack on top of one another that make up your spine.

In between each vertebrae there are discs that cushion the spaces between each vertebrae. 

Sometimes these discs can bulge, herniate, or rupture leading to back pain. Even nerves can become compressed.

Next cause is:

Arthritis which is deterioration of the cartilage of joints in your lower back.

Osteoporosis which is loss of bone density and thinning of the bone.

Also other causes.

The clinics below have experience successfully treating all of these back causes.

We’ve ranked the clinics based on our 50 point inspection to find you the best clinic near you.

When looking for a clinic near you it’s important to not just look at reviews but other factors. Like:

  1. Patient Satisfaction
  2. History
  3. Cost
  4. How many complaints have they got?
  5. Reviews.

Plus there are 45 more factors to consider in a clinic, but this is a time consuming process.  So we did all of this for you.

Here are the top 4 back pain clinics in Winnipeg

Donna Sarna Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Corydon Winnipeg Mb Physiotherapy Logo

This is an innovative and modern clinic where their talented practitioners provide a holistic approach to bring you the best possible care for treating back pain and many other conditions. They don’t just treat the pain but look for the root source of the pain.  They feature relaxing private treatment rooms to give you the attention you really need.


Jen StLaurent

Impressive client focus and depth of knowledge and experience of the physiotherapists. Really focused on continuous support and ensuring that their patients reach the best recovery possible. Great clinic!

Tammy Dyck

My entire family has gone to Donna Sarna for a variety of reasons (ranging from sports injuries to pelvic floor work) and have nothing but good things to say about this clinic.

Leslie Carignan

Every single person I have dealt with over the years have been lovely gifted healers!

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Acupuncture an additional useful therapy in the treatment of low back pain courtesy of Donna Sarna Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation (Read the caption)

local physiotherapy winnipeg bc physiotherapy logo

Local Physiotherapy’s patient experience is one of the best around. They provide many different effective treatments to relieve your back pain. Like Acupuncture, dry needling, corrective exercises, electrical stimulation, manual therapy


Dukaun Scott

I would give more stars if I could, Joe Dyck was my physio and helped address a major issue I was having with my shoulder, I walked in unable to lift my arm under my own power and one week later I was back in the gym doing heavy pressing after a month off. He sat me down, assessed the issue and gave me a plan to use which worked! I had almost given up hope by that point. The clinic had a calm and professional atmosphere and everyone was friendly. If you need physio look no further!

Malissa Nisbet

Excellent service and knowledge base, very personal and accommodating people in a great clinic. Derek has made a world of difference for me. I recommend them to everyone I speak with!

Jill Pearce

Susanne was my physio and she was the best! She fixed my low back pain quick and made treatment enjoyable and easy. She is very skilled with dry needling and knows so much about exercises and how to teach them so they are easy to understand. Would definitely recommend her!

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Few quick tips for setting up your home office to avoid bad posture courtesy of Local Physiotherapy (Read the caption)

pembina physiotherapy sports injury clinic winnipeg mb physiotherapy logo

Uses the most update to date treatments to reduce back pain and get you moving again. They have helped hundreds of people feel better. Some of these treatments include myofascial techniques, acupuncture, dry needling, exercises, spinal and joint mobilization/manipulation.


Ben Overton

Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff. Can’t thank them enough, especially Ainsley for my speedy recovery after breaking my back. And getting back on my feet and back to work. I’d recommend them for any injuries you might have or if you just want a massage.

Tim Friesen

Been going here for a few years seeing Aindley. They have always been amazing! After I herniated my back, I really saw how invested and compassionate the entire crew there truly was to the care of their clients. Took the time to get me back on my feet through massage therapy, acupuncture and tons of physio. Can’t say enough nice about this group. Highly recommend.

Natasha Woloschuk

Megan has drastically improved my quality of life. I started seeing Megan in December 2018 with back pain, neck pain, jaw pain, and problems with my right hip. I expected her to work on those areas but I quickly found out that the focus of my appointments would be on finding the root cause of my pain and treating those, instead of just massaging the areas of pain.

Because Megan has focused on finding out what was the cause of my pain, my relief is long lasting, and some issues have gone away entirely (I have not had any jaw pain in 3 months.)

I highly recommend making an appointment with Megan if you have chronic pain issues like I did.

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Proper lifting technique to avoid pain & injury courtesy by Pembina Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic (Read the caption)

Prairie Trail Physiotherapy Sports Injury Clinic Winnipeg Winnipeg Mb Physiotherapy Logo

Coming in at number is Prairie Trail Physiotherapy Sports Injury Clinic. Unlike many Physiotherapy clinics that have you working on machines mostly. This clinic focuses on hands-on therapy only. No machines! They hire Physiotherapists with top educational backgrounds to give you the best treatment possible. 


Sina Allegro-Sacco

Suzanne Robson is an extremely dedicated and committed physio therapist. She has helped me through my injuries and I am forever grateful for her caring and knowledgeable customer service. Her ability to get to the route of the problem is amazing. I not only value her as a professional but also her personnel commitment to perform the best job she can do to her patients. I highly recommend Suzanne as she is truly a wonderful physio therapist and is such an expert in dry needling! Cannot say enough about this awesome individual!

Shannon Bailey

I had a great experience with Dan and the team at Prairie Trail Physiotherapy. Dan determined the root of my problem and provided me with effective exercises to target the issue. After about 6 weeks of working with Dan, I am pain free and look forward to meeting my running goals.

Jeff Bie

I’ve had back issues for a long time, but the last injury left me practically immobile. After a week of trying to see if it would take care of itself, I made an appointment to see Susanne. She provided me with with initial assessment and we proceeded with an exercise plan alongside dry needling that has helped my back health immeasurably. Within a few weeks I was back to my regular weight-training program, and after another few weeks I was able to perform deadlifts again. I am feeling confident in my lower-back strength again, and should any issues arise in the future I know exactly who to see!

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Back Facts courtesy of Prairie Trail Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic Winnipeg (Read the caption)


This appointment is your opportunity to tell us what hurts and discover whether physiotherapy or chiropractic care is a good fit for you! During this session, you will talk with a physiotherapist or chiropractor on a phone call (or online) and create the right care plan specifically for your pain. There is no obligation on this session is to find out whether physiotherapy or chiropractic care can help you getting back to doing the things you love in life.

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