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This appointment is your opportunity to discover whether our clinic in Calgary and our treatments are a good fit for you! During this session, you will talk with a caring therapist and create the right care plan specifically for your pain.

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Embark on a transformative journey with Physiotherapy, a dynamic healthcare discipline optimizing physical well-being. Explore evidence-based techniques, therapeutic exercises, and manual therapies that define this specialized field. Uncover the nuanced approach to musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, promoting recovery, pain management, and overall functional improvement. From injury rehabilitation to preventive care, delve into the holistic principles addressing diverse health challenges. Gain insights into the collaborative efforts between skilled physiotherapists and patients, fostering personalized treatment plans. Elevate your understanding of this multidimensional approach, where science, empathy, and movement converge to empower individuals in achieving optimal mobility, function, and a balanced, vibrant life.


Explore the specialized world of Orthopedic Physiotherapy, intricately aligned with the principles of physiotherapy. Delve into the domain where evidence-based techniques converge, addressing musculoskeletal issues with a focus on optimal mobility and function. Uncover the nuanced approach to orthopedic care, tailored to individual needs, promoting recovery and enhancing overall musculoskeletal health. From targeted exercises to manual therapies, discover the comprehensive care that defines this collaborative therapy. Gain insights into the dynamic integration of orthopedic principles and physiotherapy, empowering individuals to recover from injuries, manage chronic conditions, and optimize physical well-being. Elevate your understanding of this specialized field, where expertise and compassion converge for comprehensive orthopedic rehabilitation.

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Detailed Assessment And Diagnosis

Tell us what hurts, and we will treat your pain in the shortest time possible. We use the latest clinical techniques to get you back to doing what you love…

Personalized Therapy Plan

Get a personalized care plan so you can feel better. We use advanced therapy techniques proven to ease pain, accelerate recovery, improve mobility and overall health.


Get effective treatment for your condition so you can get back to doing what you love...

Scientifically Backed Therapy

Physiotherapy has been proven clinically to improve quality of life and decrease developing chronic pain.

Insurance Covered

Treatments are covered by most employer and auto insurance plans with minimal out of pocket fees. Pay very little to nothing for your recovery.

Caring Therapists

Our team of therapists are professionals and caring in human anatomy and biomechanics. You will get the perfect plan of care to target the root of your pain.

Why Choose Us?


Physiotherapy is a direct access primary health care profession. Our Physiotherapists at Central Physiotherapy & Massage combine in-depth knowledge of how the body works with specialized hands-on clinical skills to assess, diagnose, and treat symptoms of illness, injury, or disability. 

With your independence in mind, our physiotherapist’s goal is to restore, maintain and maximize your strength, function, and movement leading to your overall wellbeing. All of our Physiotherapists have completed a master’s degree in physiotherapy and are registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta. 

At Central Physiotherapy & Massage, we have a highly experienced team of physiotherapists, massage therapists and osteopaths who offer specialized treatment services for any pain, injury, or discomfort you may be feeling. Our patients have found high levels of success in our treatment services, due to our implementation of advanced technology and evidence-based treatment methods.

Your Caring Therapists

Angela Matei

Registered Nurse, Registered Massage Therapist, Diploma of Osteopathic Manual Practice

Marina Stanusich

Registered Chiropodist

Mircea Samoil

Doctor of Chiropractic

Petru Ursulescu

Registered Massage Therapist

Fahimeh Qaranful

Osteopath, Diploma of Osteopathic Manual Practice

Samara Tomaz Araujo Damasceno

Clinical/Guidance Counsellor

Richard Ciorba

Registered Massage Therapist, Registered Kinesiologist

Common Injuries Successfully Treated At Our Clinic

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This appointment is your opportunity to discover whether our clinic and treatments are a good fit for you! During this session, you will talk with a caring physiotherapist and create the right care plan specifically for your pain. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This appointment is your opportunity to discover whether treatment is a good fit. During the session, you will talk with a caring physiotherapist and create the right care plan specifically for your pain. 

Your appointment is typically 30 minutes, but may vary based on an individual basis.

You will want comfortable or loose clothing, such as athletic wear, that allows for comfortable movement.  Also bring your insurance information so we can check your coverage.

Your caring physiotherapists will put together a personalized care plan if you’re a good candidate for treatment to get back to doing what you love.

The number of treatments required depends on your conditions and severity of injury.  You will know your care plan on day 1.

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