The Top 3 Physiotherapy Langley Clinics Based on 50 Factors Inspected

The Top 3 Physiotherapy Langley Clinics Based on 50 Factors Inspected

Looking for a top physiotherapy langley clinic near you?

If so in this blog we’ll share the top 3 langley physiotherapy clinics that we recently inspected. These 4 clinics showed the highest scores on our 50-point inspection.

But first, what can you expect on your first visit?

Unlike taking pain killers or medications that only mask your pain. A physiotherapist will look for imbalances in your body that could be causing your pain. They treat the root cause of your pain instead of just masking it with drugs. 

You can think of your body as a kinetic chain. If any links are broken or weak in the chain it can affect the whole chain. Same with imbalances in your body. These physiotherapy langley bc clinics below will search for the weak imbalance and treat it. 

For example, say you have knee pain. The knee pain could be caused by a weak glute, hamstring, or other imbalances. The reason is when you have a weak muscle in your legs it adds more stress to your knee which increases pain or chances of injury. Once the imbalances are addressed the weight of your body is evenly distributed so you have less stress on your knee and less chance of getting injured. Same with other injuries.

Now let’s get to the top 3 clinics:

The top 3 physiotherapy Langley clinics based on 50 factors inspected

When putting together this list we looked at 50 factors. Here are just a few we looked at: 

  1. Reviews
  2. How many complaints have they got? 
  3. How successful are they at getting patients back to doing what they love again?
  4. How good is their reputation in the community?
  5. A combination of the 50 factors that make up their general excellence score.

So here are the results:

Body Smart Health Fitness Massage Fitness Centre Active Rehab Langley Bc Physiotherapy Logo

Is an all-in-one rehab and fitness center.  Offering chiropractic care, physiotherapy, kinesiology, active rehab, and massage therapy. Combined with a fully equipped gym where you can go anytime. Plus one on one personal training.

One of the very few physiotherapy clinics that offer all of this in one place.


Donna Johnson

I was so sore when I went & saw John & after my treatment I feel such relief.  He is so intuitive & gets to the source of the pain very quickly.  Giving someone the gift of no/less pain is, well, I have no words strong enough to express my gratitude.  Side note:. Great music, vibe & conversation as well!

Genie Olafson

Bodysmart offers most modalities of treatment with highly skilled and professional clinicians.  I have been a client for over 10 years and highly recommend Bodysmart.  John and Deanna work hard to provide all over health care, I am not a gym person but they have definitely put in a lot of time and expense to make the gym a bright open and up to date space to work out.

Grace J

I am so glad that my friend referred me to Body Smart. As soon as my boyfriend & I walked through the doors we were greeted by such friendly & helpful service. I am especially grateful for the service I was provided by my physiotherapist Jaffy Malagar. He was extremely thorough, knowledgeable & helpful. He was happy to answer any questions that we had. I would highly recommend him as a physiotherapist and this is only after one visit. I am very optimistic about improving my knee after our visit today. We also found the gym to be very good. Sanitary, friendly environment. We will definitely be back!

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Tips after knee injuries or surgeries courtesy of Body Smart Health & Fitness. (Read the caption)

Elevate Physiotherapy And Wellness Langley City Bc Physiotherapy Logo

Consists of a team of highly qualified Physiotherapists who all have master’s degrees. Including one that played professional baseball in Europe and played on the Canadian National Softball team.

All their sessions are one on one to get you the best results possible


Joe Bellavance

My visit with Inder was the best Physio experience I have had. She was thorough and informative. My shoulder is already starting to improve with the stretch and strengthen exercises she gave me. Thanks Inder great work!

Donna Davie

Megan is AMAZING! She is so very knowledgeable and has played an important role in my healing process. I would highly recommend her to anyone searching for the perfect physiotherapist. 🙂

Julie Beveridge

I have had the privilege of seeing both Megan and Matt for physio.  They are both amazing individuals.  They cared so much about my history and injuries and their one on one treatments were so successful in helping heal the areas I was being treated on.

Megan has seen two of my kids as well and she had our little shy dude laughing and giggling and responding to her treatments so quickly it was amazing (he usually doesn’t say a word to anyone!).  I highly recommend Elevate Physio!

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Helpful tips and exercises to work on knee control with squatting courtesy of Elevate Physio and Wellness. (Read the caption)

Fort Sport And Family Physio Langley City Bc Physiotherapy Logo

Located in the heart of Fort Langley. They offer in-person and online rehab so you don’t even have to leave your house. Fort Sport offers exercise therapy, Manual Therapy, functional dry needling, sport-specific assessment, registered massage therapy, vestibular therapy, and even concussion care.


Stacey Kosturos

Robbie is a fantastic physiotherapist. He has helped me over the past few years with my knee issues. He’s very patient and explains everything thoroughly. He focuses on overall health and well-being which is probably what I appreciate most about him. I can’t recommend him enough!

Phyllis Donnelly

Blake has detected the source of my foot pain and has walked me through exercises to strengthen the muscles and correct some of my habits that contributed to the pain.  I appreciate the information he shares.  This has been a valuable experience that I appreciate both now and I feel it will keep me mobile in the future.   I highly recommend Fort Physio.

Jenna-Grace Peters

I have had such a good experience at Fort Physio! Kevin has been helping me with an ankle injury since January 2019, and has been such a huge help! Everyone in the office is so kind, and it is such a calming and welcoming environment. I would highly recommend Fort Physio/Kevin to anybody 🙂

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How to protect your lower back courtesy of Fort Sport and Family Physio. (Read the caption)


This appointment is your opportunity to tell us what hurts and discover whether physiotherapy or chiropractic care is a good fit for you! During this session, you will talk with a physiotherapist or chiropractor on a phone call (or online) and create the right care plan specifically for your pain. There is no obligation on this session is to find out whether physiotherapy or chiropractic care can help you getting back to doing the things you love in life.

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