The 3 Best Pain Clinics In Brampton

The 3 Best Pain Clinics In Brampton

If you’re looking for relief from pain and discomfort, then checking out one of these top pain clinic Brampton is a must. We’ve recently done a 50 point inspection on the top Physiotherapy clinics in Brampton and found three of them that have the highest general excellence score. 

These clinics specialize in helping people with all kinds of pain, including back pain, shoulder pain, joint pain, and more. After doing a detailed assessment of your condition, they’ll create a customized treatment plan that’s tailored to your needs and will get you feeling better in the least amount of treatments possible.

Rather than simply treating the site of the pain, these Physiotherapy Brampton clinics will also look for any imbalances in your body that could be causing you to suffer. By correcting these imbalances, your pain can be relieved without resorting to drugs or surgery. So if you’re looking for relief from pain and discomfort, be sure to check out one of the top Physiotherapy clinics in Brampton.

At Pain Hero, we don’t just rely on reviews to determine the best clinic in Brampton. Our team has gone through a thorough 50-point inspection process to make sure that you get the best care possible. We look at patient outcomes, reputation, complaints, cost, and overall excellence to make sure that you’re getting the best clinic in Brampton. With our comprehensive inspection process, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the highest quality care available.

Here are the top 3 clinics in Brampton.

Active Life Wellness Center Brampton On Physiotherapy Logo

At this clinic, you’ll receive a uniquely tailored treatment plan that is designed with your individual needs in mind. Unlike other medical centers that race through appointments, this clinic takes the time to make sure you get the care you deserve. Plus, you can get same-day appointments and virtually no wait times. So don’t wait—get back to doing what you love today.

Verified Reviews:

Gagan Kaur

Dr. Sodhi and his entire team has been such a pleasure to work with! His clinical knowledge, ability to explain, and calm demeanor have really been the boost in confidence I needed to restart my journey to good health. The clinic itself is also super clean and all of the associates are very kind and professional – an overall delight. If you’re looking for a thorough and holistic approach to your care, this is the clinic for you 🙏🏼

Sandy Mann

One of the best clinics I have ever gone too (and I have been to many). From Sunita at the front desk, so pleasant to deal with, to Jasbir for his deep tissue massages (THE DAMN BEST — have referred many), to Dr. Sodhi’s expertise and patience in not only understanding your issue but explaining a thought out treatment plan. If you are a local (or not, do the commute you won’t regret it) this is the wellness clinic you have been looking for!

Vinod Reddy Yellakonda

Excellent team… Everyone is good at their area of profession and knowledgeable. Spot on treatment. Got rid of my worst back pain in couple of visits. Great job guys..! Keep up..!

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Chronic pain courtesy of Active Life Wellness. (Read the caption)

Athletes Care Sports Medicine Centres On Physiotherapy Logo

This chronic pain clinic Brampton is the go-to for elite athletes, with a proven track record of providing care to competitors in the Olympics, NBA, MLB, UFC, and NHL. Their comprehensive services go beyond just Physiotherapy – offering massage therapy, chiropractic care, sports medicine physician, acupuncture and orthopedic surgeon consultations to get you the results you need. With such a diverse team, Athletes Care is sure to have the answer to any injury.

Verified Reviews:

Christopher Crooks

Recently started having bad back pain and was recommended here by my doctor. Such a great decision! Victoria has been a lifesaver. She really listens to your issues and helps get to the root problem. The exercises she suggested had me starting feeling better in a few days. Highly recommend here.


I have been getting treatment for my shoulder injury from the best physiotherapist that you can imagine. Endri has extensive knowledge of the human body, and his approach is using the most effective techniques for your status. I feel that I am getting better and better after every single session. Besides his professionalism, he is one of the most friendly person that I have ever met. I highly recommend both the Doctors and Physiotherapist of Athlete’s Care.

Usha Ramani

I have been going to this location of Athlete’s Care for several years for various issues and have been treated by several physiotherapists and chiropractors there. All the professionals there are excellent. I am currently seeing physiotherapist Endri Ulaj and he is great! In addition to being very friendly and easy-going, he knows his stuff and is very good at what he does. I started seeing very good results for my issues after just a few sessions with him. He is always on time, which I appreciate. He is also available via email to answer any questions in between sessions. I whole-heartedly recommend him.

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Heel pain courtesy of Athlete’s Care. (Read the caption)

Ljr Physiotherapy Services Inc Brampton On Physiotherapy Logo

Led by Linda Robinson, PT – with over four decades of expertise in helping people to feel better – Rejuvenate Health takes a holistic approach to providing personalized care. Their motto, “Let’s Just Rejuvenate”, captures their mission to help patients recover quickly, while minimizing the risk of reinjury. A great back pain clinic Brampton.

Verified Reviews:

Roshani Dalwadi

LJR physiotherapy services SAVED MY LIFE! Out of all of the physiotherapy services I have visited in Brampton, LJR physiotherapy was the best one! LJR physiotherapy is unique because the physiotherapists don’t waste your time during your visit. They will spend the full one hour focused on healing your injury. I have been to other Physio places in Brampton and they wasted so much time on just putting on the electrode machine, and only gave me 2 new exercises per visit. I was so blessed to be assigned to Sakshi at LJR physio. I am a registered nurse practicing in Ontario and because of Sakshi, the physiotherapist, I am back to normal working my job with no issues or pain. Sakshi altered my exercises based on my physical job responsibilities. Sakshi also prepared a workout routine for me to take home after all of my physio sessions were over. Sakshi is super experienced/ trained and knows her anatomy/physiology inside and out! LJR physio goes above and beyond and they CHANGED my life! THANK YOU LJR PHYSIO!

Ashley Watson

I love LJR, the staff was so kind he service was amazing. I went in because I’ve been having trouble with my knee and Linda assessed me and gave me helpful exercises to strengthen my knee. She made me feel comfortable and I consider that extremely important when getting a service. She knows what she’s doing and is very upfront with you about the things you need to work on for your physical health and healing. I recommend everyone visit ljr if they want to experience great customer service and wants a physiotherapist with actual knowledge.

Trina Stewart

I attended LJR Physio for the first time on Monday and I can’t believe the difference. I had a slip and fall and had previously attended another physio center and was totally neglected and wasted my money with that therapist. I went to see Linda and her team after doing research online and am impressed. She went through a detailed consultation and did some treatments and I already started to feel a difference. Kudos to Linda and her staff. These reviews that give 1 stars could not have attended this clinic as from the moment I walked in I was impressed with the level of care they provided their other patients even before they tended to me. I will definitely continue with this clinic and encourage others to attend. A++

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Check out this post from LJR Physiotherapy Services Inc. (Read the caption)


This appointment is your opportunity to tell us what hurts and discover whether physiotherapy or chiropractic care is a good fit for you! During this session, you will talk with a physiotherapist or chiropractor on a phone call (or online) and create the right care plan specifically for your pain. There is no obligation on this session is to find out whether physiotherapy or chiropractic care can help you getting back to doing the things you love in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, most physiotherapy clinics in Canada accept insurance. Patients should check with their insurance provider to determine what types of services are covered and what the terms of coverage are. Some clinics may also offer direct billing if the insurance plan allows.

Yes some do. Be sure to call to find out. Virtual treatments can treat many back problems.

The cost of physiotherapy in Canada varies depending on the type and length of treatment. Generally, fees range from $60-200 per session and most insurance plans cover the cost.

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