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This appointment is your opportunity to discover whether our clinic in Calgary and our treatments are a good fit for you! During this session, you will talk with a caring therapist and create the right care plan specifically for your pain.

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Discover personalized healing through expert physiotherapy services. Our skilled physiotherapists employ evidence-based techniques to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and enhance overall well-being. Whether recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or optimizing athletic performance, our tailored treatments focus on restoring function and promoting lasting health. Experience compassionate care that addresses your unique needs, guided by the latest advancements in physiotherapy. Regain control of your body, regain your life. Trust in our dedicated professionals to guide you on the path to recovery and improved vitality. Your journey to optimal physical wellness begins with us.

Pelvic Floor

Elevate pelvic health with specialized care. Our expert practitioners offer comprehensive solutions for pelvic floor issues, tailoring treatments to address discomfort, incontinence, and related challenges. Discover a supportive environment where personalized therapies empower you to regain strength, stability, and confidence. From targeted exercises to advanced interventions, our approach combines medical expertise with compassionate guidance. Prioritize your pelvic well-being with evidence-based strategies designed to enhance your quality of life. Take the first step toward comfort and vitality by entrusting your pelvic health to our dedicated professionals. Embrace a life free from limitations, and unlock the potential for lasting pelvic wellness.

Massage Therapy

Indulge in the art of relaxation with our rejuvenating massage therapy services. Experience the healing touch of skilled therapists as they melt away tension, soothe sore muscles, and promote overall well-being. Tailored to your unique needs, our massages offer a holistic approach to health, addressing both physical and mental stress. From Swedish to deep tissue, each session is a personalized journey to tranquility. Recharge your body and mind, enhance circulation, and foster a sense of serenity. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic benefits of massage, and embark on a path to renewed vitality and balance. Elevate your wellness with every session.

IMS Therapy

Revolutionize your recovery with IMS therapy – a breakthrough in pain relief. Our Intramuscular Stimulation specialists employ precision techniques to target and release muscle tension, providing effective relief for chronic pain and musculoskeletal issues. Discover a non-invasive approach that stimulates the body’s natural healing response, promoting flexibility and restoring optimal function. Tailored to your specific needs, IMS therapy is a proven method for addressing nerve-related pain, improving mobility, and enhancing overall well-being. Trust our skilled practitioners to guide you on a path to lasting relief and a revitalized, pain-free lifestyle. Experience the transformative power of IMS therapy today.

Painhero Physiotherapy Ims Dry Needling Main

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Navigate the aftermath of motor vehicle accidents with expert care. Our dedicated team specializes in comprehensive recovery from the physical and emotional impact of collisions. From acute injuries to long-term rehabilitation, we provide personalized solutions to restore your well-being. Trust in our experienced professionals to assess, diagnose, and treat injuries resulting from accidents. We guide you through a tailored rehabilitation plan, addressing pain, promoting mobility, and supporting your journey to recovery. With compassionate support and evidence-based interventions, reclaim control over your health after a motor vehicle accident. Let us be your partner in healing, rebuilding, and restoring vitality.

TMJ Treatment

Unlock relief from TMJ discomfort with our specialized treatments. Our dedicated team offers personalized solutions to address temporomandibular joint issues, alleviating pain and restoring optimal jaw function. From advanced diagnostics to tailored therapeutic interventions, trust in our expertise to provide comprehensive TMJ care. Experience a customized approach that targets the root cause of your symptoms, promoting lasting relief and improved jaw mobility. Whether it’s jaw pain, headaches, or related issues, our goal is to enhance your overall well-being through effective, evidence-based TMJ treatments. Take the first step towards a pain-free, comfortable jaw with our specialized TMJ care.

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Detailed Assessment And Diagnosis

Tell us what hurts, and we will treat your pain in the shortest time possible. We use the latest clinical techniques to get you back to doing what you love…

Personalized Therapy Plan

Get a personalized care plan so you can feel better. We use advanced therapy techniques proven to ease pain, accelerate recovery, improve mobility and overall health.


Get effective treatment for your condition so you can get back to doing what you love...

Scientifically Backed Therapy

Physiotherapy has been proven clinically to improve quality of life and decrease developing chronic pain.

Insurance Covered

Treatments are covered by most employer and auto insurance plans with minimal out of pocket fees. Pay very little to nothing for your recovery.

Caring Therapists

Our caring team of therapists are professionals and caring in human anatomy and biomechanics. You will get the perfect plan of care to target the root of your pain.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve crafted a patient experience that makes us stand out from everyone else!
Fifth Avenue Physiotherapy has been successfully treating Calgarians for over 30 years. We are respected for providing evidence-based treatment with a systematic delivery of services. Our patients are empowered with knowledge of movement to live a healthier and more active life, in a fun and supportive environment.

Fifth Avenue Physiotherapy: friendly, experienced and motivated to get you moving in all the right ways.

Our mission is to provide outstanding Orthopedic Physiotherapy services from highly skilled professionals. We do this by helping you understand your pain, and developing a customized treatment plan to get you moving and doing the things you love.

Your Caring Therapists

Kelly Barrie

Physiotherapist BHSc(PT), BPE, FCAMPT, CAFCI, IMS Certified

Joyce Lang


Jill Farmer

Physiotherapist MPT, BKin, CAFCI, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Dry Needling Certified

Kayla Skjerdal


Jaime Werenka


Rick Hofmann


Common Injuries Successfully Treated At Our Clinic

Self-Treatment Workshops

Everyday, We Help People Just Like You Stop The Pain and Feel Their Best Again

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This appointment is your opportunity to discover whether our clinic and treatments are a good fit for you! During this session, you will talk with a caring therapist and create the right care plan specifically for your pain. 

Insurance Covered

Your treatments are covered by most insurance plans. Insurance Carriers Physiotherapy Chiropractor Massage Therapy Direct Bill

Frequently Asked Questions

This appointment is your opportunity to discover whether treatment is a good fit for you! During this session, you will talk with a caring therapist and create the right care plan specifically for your pain. 

Your appointment is typically 30 minutes, but may vary based on an individual basis.

You will want comfortable or loose clothing, such as athletic wear, that allows for comfortable movement.  Also bring your insurance information so we can check your coverage.

If you are a good candidate for treatment, your caring therapist will put together a personalized care plan so get back to doing what you love… 

The number of treatments required depends on your conditions and severity of your injury.  You will know your care plan on day 1.

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