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Attention Neck Pain Suffers, FREE Online Workshop For You

The Secret Weapon for Getting Rid of Chronic Neck Pain Workshop

FREE Online Neck Pain Workshop

If you or a loved one wants actionable advice on how to relieve aches and pains while stuck at home, I have some good news for you…

Our clinic is holding a FREE Online Chronic Neck Pain Workshop for you.

You can watch the recording from the comfort of your own home and get depth learning and ways to improve your balance at home to help you get back to normal.

Plus, you’ll discover so much more, including…

  • Most common causes of neck pain
  • Why certain neck problems don’t get better
  • Old school vs. new school clinical approaches
  • Demo
  • Q & A interaction

Meet Your Neck Pain Experts

National Spine Care And Sports Medicine Calgary Physiotherapy Gordon

Dr. Gordon McMorland


Dr. Katherine Edgecombe


Do You have Neck Pain When You...

Start Feeling Better With These Free Online Neck Pain Workshops

Everyday, We Help People Just Like You Recover From Injury and Feel Their Best Again

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