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Are you Working from Home or Working a Hybrid model? If yes, this FREE Online Workshop is For You!

RSI Awareness Day - Feb 29: Office Ergonomics - Working from Home

FREE Online Office Ergonomics - Working from Home Workshop

What: A Live Online Workshop

Where: On a Secured Zoom Webinar

When: From 1-2pm (40 min presentation with 20 min for Q&A)

Price: FREE!

Did you know that Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Awareness Day is February 29th? It is the only non-repetitive day of the year and, therefore, the ideal date for raising awareness of RSI injuries. If you are currently working from home or working a hybrid model, experiencing pain and cannot seem to get comfortable with your current workstation set-up, I have some good news for you…

In recognition of RSI Awareness day, Athlete’s Care is holding a FREE Online Office Ergonomics – Working from Home Workshop for you. 

Our Certified Ergonomist will share tips to improve your office workstation set-up at home, considerations for equipment purchases, as well as good work practices to incorporate into the workday.

Plus, you’ll discover so much more, including…

  • Tips for improving your working posture
  • Buying a new chair? Features you should look for.
  • Tips for making the dining table work for you. 
  • Are all sit/stand workstations good? 
  • Setting up your workstation if you wear progressive lenses
  • Is all equipment considered “ergonomic” good? 
  • Tips for alternating your posture at home.
  • Working from the laptop only? Why you absolutely shouldn’t use the laptop as is. 

Meet Your Ergonomics Expert

Our Certified Ergonomist will guide you on achieving a proper ergonomic posture at home regardless of your current workstation set up.

Farzana Ismail

Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist

Start Feeling Comfortable After This Free Online Office Ergonomics - Working from Home Workshop

This is a very popular topic… and we expect spaces for this event to fill up quickly. So, if you wish to attend, we encourage you to reserve your spot now.

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