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Attention Pain Suffers, FREE Online Workshop For You!

Kick your Knee Pain with 4 weeks of Physiotherapy

FREE Online Knee Pain Workshop

If you or a loved one wants actionable advice on how to relieve aches and pains while stuck at home, I have some good news for you…

Our clinic is holding a FREE Online The invisible injury Workshop for you.

Receive in-depth learning about different causes and pain relief methods from the comfort of your own home.

Plus, you’ll discover so much more, including…

  • Common causes of knee pain
  • Intro to the four week program
  • Week one: The importance of Mobility
    – Ankle Mobility
    – Hip Mobility
    – Knee Mobility
    – Isometrics

Meet Your Pain Experts

Integra Health Centre Toronto On Physiotherapy Amanda L

Amanda Lee


Signs and symptoms that sometimes accompany knee pain include:

Start Feeling Better After This Free Online Knee Pain Workshop

Everyday, We Help People Just Like You Stop The Pain and Feel Their Best Again

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